Our Charities

WOWES is a non-profit swim, donating all proceeds raised through the swim to our selected charities.

By joining with the Welsh Open Water Estuary swim, you're helping us raise much needed funds - whilst enoying an amazing open water and wild swimming experince.

The WOWES team are great supporters of charities and champion local good causes - most of whom may often be overlooked or shadowed by larger organizations missing out on well deserved and much needed funding.

One of the ways we accomplish this is by raising additional money through swimmer sponsorship - and this means we are able to keep the WOWES swimmers entrance fee quite low in comparison to other swims.

We therefore invite our swimmers to try and help us by rasing more than just the nominal entry fee. Once registed to swim we will email you the WOWES personal sponsorship forms.

This Year's Charities

Ferryside Lifeboat

Ferryside Lifeboat is one of more than fifty lifeboats stationed around the British Isles that operate independently of the RNLI.

They provide the same role as the RNLI and are “declared facilities” within HM Coastguard’s search and rescue organisation. As a declared facility Ferryside Lifeboat is launched by HM Coastguard in response to ‘999’ calls and distress calls on VHF CH16.

Ferryside lifeboat is available 24 hours a day throughout the year and is staffed entirely by local volunteers. It is currently raising funds for a small hovercraft that would greatly extend its capabilities to rescue casualties from sandbanks, mud and shallow waters.

Mens Sheds Ferryside

Mens Sheds

'Addressing challenges to health and wellbeing caused by social isolation while sharing skills with a wider creative community.'

 A man’s shed has, for generations, been a place for him to escape the stress and strains of life; a safe haven to gain much needed sanity; to be surrounded by his own, useful things; a place to think, to make things, to mend things, to invent and be at one with the world…..and men the world over have done this largely on their own.

‘Men’s Sheds’ are social groups or enterprises set up in local communities for the benefit of men. They are self-governed, self- supported and sustainable with a small committee; their own income and eventually their own premises. 

The idea originated in Australia 11 years ago and was developed by the health board to tackle growing concerns of social isolation amongst their male population. They identified that high numbers of men had time on their hands (due to retirement, unemployment, illness etc) and these things often manifested themselves in boredom, men suffering in silence with declining mental health and in the worst cases suicide .

While various groups and charities do exist to support men, it has been proven that they are less likely to access and accept support. The Men’s Sheds movement is based on the understanding that men are more likely to help themselves and attend something they have set up or have some control over. While they might struggle to talk face to face, men do talk shoulder to shoulder when engaged in some form of activity or shared task.

Gwendraeth Valley Paddlers

Gwendraeth Valley Paddlers (GVP) are a canoe & kayak club based in Carmarthen attracting all ages & abilities. We paddle on rivers, white water, sea & run weekly pool sessions in Carmarthen Leisure centre for improving our skills. If you have ever thought about kayaking then you're more than welcome to come along & join in.

If you'd like to help raise funds for these worthy causes, join the swim! Find out more about what's involved here, or sign up now.

We welcome applications from local charities that we maybe able to support in WOWES 2019. Contact us for more details.