Swimmer Information

If you're coming to the Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim, here's what you might need to know.


By Car – Ferryside is approximately 9 Miles South of Carmarthen (Travel along the A48 off the M4 West). Take the A484 to Llanelli, and after about 5 miles take a right, following the sign to Ferryside. As you enter the village you'll go over a small bridge. Parking is available at the Sports and social club on the left, and the foreshore is 200 yards further on your right - just past the railway station.

By Train – Ferryside train station (FYS) is a request stop, so make sure the conductor knows you want to get off there. When you get off of the train, walk to the platform and you are already at the foreshore!

Parking Facilities

Ferryside is a small village, there is however ample parking at Ferryside Sports and Social Cub (Stewards will direct you), parking at the foreshore will not be permitted on swim day due to safety and support crews access to the beach.

Safety brief

The Swimmers and support crew safety brief will be held in The River Towy Yacht Club (RYTC) at 12.45pm, attendance is mandatory for all swimmers. A copy of the safety brief will be emailed to each swimmer closer to the swim date, if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.


Volunteers are at the core of the Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim, every task, role and position are filled at met by volunteers, without whom, WOWES would be impossible to run. If you are interested in donating some of you time to help on or prior to swim day, please feel free to contact us and we can discuss how you may be able to volunteer.


We welcome all visitors, supporters and spectators to join us for the Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim at the Foreshore Ferryside. The spectacular sandy beaches and stunning surroundings make for a wonderful day out for all the family. There are full facilities available in the village including: Pubs, restaurants, hotel and spa, B&B’s, camping, ect for those who wish to enjoy the full range of what Ferryside has to offer.

Schedule of events

  • 1000 – 1200: Swimmer registration
  • 1245: Swimmers and support crews’ final safety brief
  • 1415: Swim start
  • 1530: Entertainment at the River Towy Yacht Club

Water temperature

We expect the Estuary water temperature to be around 18 -20 °C or 68-70°F on swim day.
We base this on the annual average for the Towy river, and will provide updates nearer the day.