WOWES announce 2017 Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim

The Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim (WOWES) is a 2k wild swim from Ferryside to Lansteffan and back across the river Towy estuary. The swim starts at 10.45 am 29th July 2017 (please visit our website to book your place).

The event while being unique to Wales is one of the only wild swimming courses to take place in an estuary. This creates a particular challenge to participants in dealing with tidal flows and currents. As a result it draws swimmers from the UK and across the world all keen to swim the estuary conditions. This makes the WOWES swim an ideal setting for an introduction to open water swimming whilst being able to offer the more seasoned wild swimmer and triathlete an opportunity to develop their open water skills.

The swimmers medals are unique and hand crafted by a local artist and each year a different style of medal is presented to the swimmer on completion of the course at the RTYC Ferryside.

We welcome all visitors, supporters and spectators to join us for the Welsh Open Water Estuary Swim at the Foreshore Ferryside. The spectacular sandy beaches and stunning surroundings make for a wonderful day out for all the family. There are full facilities available in the village including: Pubs, restaurants, hotel and spa, B&B’s, camping, ect for those who wish to enjoy the full range of what Ferryside has to offer.

WOWES is a non-profit swim, donating all proceeds raised through the swim to our selected charities.


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